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SUBIECT: 100 km. - 10 h. in Odessa

100 km. - 10 h. in Odessa acum 4 ani 7 luni #11770

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Are you interested in bikes and cycling? I found your address on the web pages of bike manufacturers and decided to invite you to a cycling competition in Odessa, Ukraine, that will take place the 4-th of April, 2015. This is a traditional, international competition that we held every year since 1983. Last year it gathered 2000 cyclists from all parts of Ukraine and other 10 countries.
Participants can be of any age and can use whatever bicycle-like device, a device with wheels and pedals (bike, unicycle, wheel chair etc). The distance to pedal is 100 km and one must do it within 10 hours; that is why the competition is called “100 kilometers in 10 hours”.
Our goal is to promote a healthy life style in all groups and among the participants there are professional cyclists and handicapped people in wheel chairs who want to test their endurance. Participation fee is affordable.
Here is a little history of training and participation of a team from Germany:

Young generation actively takes part in a bicycle rally:

The deputy of the Odessa City Council Etnarovich:

The deputy of the regional council Voloshenkov:

A little history of recent years:


The event was widely covered by the media:
After a brief introduction to the history and the present of bicycle rally, let me get to the point of my conversion:
Firstly, we invite you to personally take part in our competition!
Registration has already opened!
Secondly, if you cannot personally participate, we invite you to support “100 kilometers in 10 hours” competition as a sponsor!
To our sponsors we provide a lot of space for advertisement including our web site ( ), road flags and banners at each of 6 check points as well as participant number plates and road maps distributed to every. We will make your company visible and well known in Ukraine as our representative go on all around Ukraine information tour.
If the second option, for whatever reasons, does not fit, there is the third opportunity:
if possible, please, spread this information among your relatives, friends and acquaintances or in social networks available to you and the Internet.
Thanks for your attention, sincerely, Leonid Rzhepishevsky, the coordinator of the project "Association" Odessa bicycle rally and the chief coordinator of the bicycle competition "100 kilometers in 10 hours. "
PS: I look forward to your reply!
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